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Step 1:

Navigate to WildFly 18 into bin directory and open add-user.bat file.

What type of user do you wish to add?
 a) Management User (mgmt-users.properties)
 b) Application User (application-users.properties)

Step 2:

Press the first option as Management User to access into WildFly console.

Enter the details of the new user to add.
Using realm 'ManagementRealm' as discovered from the existing property files.
Username : opantazos

Step 3:

Follow the password recommended solution.

Password recommendations are listed below. To modify these restrictions edit the add-user.properties configuration file.
 - The password should be different from the username
 - The password should not be one of the following restricted values {root, admin, administrator}
 - The password should contain at least 8 characters, 1 alphabetic character(s), 1 digit(s), 1 non-alphanumeric symbol(s)
Password : athens
WFLYDM0099: Password should have at least 8 characters!
Are you sure you want to use the password entered yes/no? yes
Re-enter Password : athens

Step 4:

Declare the group that you are connected on it.

What groups do you want this user to belong to? (Please enter a comma separated list, or leave blank for none)[  ]: profile
About to add user 'opantazos' for realm 'ManagementRealm'
Is this correct yes/no? yes
Added user 'opantazos' to file 'C:\Users\orest\OneDrive\Desktop\wildfly-18.0.1.Final\wildfly-18.0.1.Final\standalone\configuration\mgmt-users.properties'
Added user 'opantazos' to file 'C:\Users\orest\OneDrive\Desktop\wildfly-18.0.1.Final\wildfly-18.0.1.Final\domain\configuration\mgmt-users.properties'
Added user 'opantazos' with groups profile to file 'C:\Users\orest\OneDrive\Desktop\wildfly-18.0.1.Final\wildfly-18.0.1.Final\standalone\configuration\mgmt-groups.properties'
Added user 'opantazos' with groups profile to file 'C:\Users\orest\OneDrive\Desktop\wildfly-18.0.1.Final\wildfly-18.0.1.Final\domain\configuration\mgmt-groups.properties'
Is this new user going to be used for one AS process to connect to another AS process?
e.g. for a slave host controller connecting to the master or for a Remoting connection for server to server EJB calls.
yes/no? no
Press any key to continue . . .

Step 5:

Access to WildFly console on local machine.

Access to WildFly web console via your credentials that you have entered earlier in bash mode on IP local address http://localhost:8080/ with username: opantazos and password: athens.


Orestis Pantazos

Orestis Pantazos

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